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Kosher Queeny Cameron

Kosher Queeny Cameron

This website is about Queeny Cameron’s lies. All she does is lie. She is a professional, paid liar. She is a troll for the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) and Jewish Defense League (JDL). She talks about “purity” yet she herself is impure. You cannot even tell what race she is by looking at her. She looks like she has ancestors from 9 continents, and we do not even have that many continents.

Her husband, or so it is said, is another paid JIDF troll who goes by the name “Keef Twoof”. He “looks Jewish” but may be some sort of Arab or other Heinz 57 variety. He poses as a Christian and hopes to engage the people that Queeny is looking to slander. Not caring for any real truth, Keef constructs false paradigms that he uses to attempt to undermine and accuse in order to help fuel his Queeny’s subterfuge.

These GMOs (Genetically Mongrelized Organisms) crawl the internet looking to slander any Christian they can, regardless of denomination.  Once they set their sites on a particular target, they begin manufacturing videos and posting comments slandering that individual. Lumping their targets together with all sorts of others who are not even closely related, on top of their lies they imply diverse sorts of other fallacies by the inference of association. So, for instance, they link Andre Anglin with William Finck and the two men do not even know one another. Then they associate them with Lewka Peel, who is a Jew and a “rap musician”, both of which Anglin and Finck despise.

Youtube facilitates many professional trolls such as Queeny Cameron and Keef Twoof. If a video posted by the average person offends anyone, Youtube is very quick to take it down. However no matter how many people make complaints about Queeny and Keef, they never get taken down. JIDF and JDL trolls are protected property on the Kosher Internet.

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