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Queeny (Donna) Cameron rambles on revealing possibly classified information which she has from what was evidently her own employment in the US military military. Of course, she is such a liar, a troll and a shill that we may never know the truth. However it is also possible that she has stumbled and revelaed her own true identity. This might be a page to her father’s obituary. If that comes up missing, click here for a screenshot.

KeeferThe beady brown eyes, the sloping forehead, the large hooked nose which is shaped like a numeral 6 and the low-set, angled ears all betray the Jewish genes of Keef Twoof, the Jewish Internet Defense Force’s most prominent You-tube troll and infiltrator who has a career attempting to undermine Christians everywhere.

Of course, Keef is also the husband and controller of the internet troll Queeny Cameron, who is a Mestiza with Jewish root pretending to be a White Christian woman.


Bullhead City, Arizona. The JIDF pays for the house and the SUV.

Keefie-pooh admits that miss piggy is his wife here:

The maker of the video advises us to pay close attention, especially at the end.